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Contact And Disclaimers

     The artist and webmaster Danita M. Sonser, of Danita's Back to the Future Website (copyright November 22 2003 - December 2010) expects viewers to respect all artwork displayed within this website in accordance to copyright law, as the artworks are supplied for personal entertainment use only. Any duplication (in part or whole), copy, distribution, and any unauthorized use for commercial purposes and financial gain without written artist consent constitutes a copyright infringement and as such - is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.
     The artist and webmaster Danita M. Sonser fully acknowledges and understands that the Back to the Future Trilogy™ is a copyright (1985-1990) of Universal Studios, and are original films by Robert Zemeckis. The artist extends further and full acknowledgement to original Back to the Future™ film cover art, which were created and are copyrighted by original artist and illustrator, Drew Struzan. 
     Questions and concerns regarding the artist's forementioned policies, disclaimers and provided copyright information, as well as comments, suggestions and questions about the overall artwork presented within this website are continually encouraged and appreciated. Please contact the artist through e-mail or express any thoughts in the Guestbook.

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Back to the Future™ is a trademark of Universal Studios Inc.